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About AIDS Canada

Welcome to AIDS Canada - a website dedicated to showcasing the contributions of Canadian researchers, community-based organizations, health care providers, and governments, as well as to promoting Canadian best practices and achievements related to HIV/AIDS and STBBI. 


The International AIDS Conference is the world’s premier platform for marking achievements, celebrating success, and setting strategic directions in the global HIV/AIDS response. The 25th International AIDS Conference, AIDS 2024, will be held in Munich, Germany, as well as virtually from July 22-26, 2024.


AIDS 2024 is an opportunity for Canada to join the call to action to re-engage and follow the science in order to define future research agendas, shift the latest evidence to action, and chart a new consensus on overcoming the HIV epidemic as a threat to public health and individual well-being. The Canada Pavilion will showcase challenges met and overcome, as well as best practices related to prevention, treatment, and care.


This year the AIDS Canada website is host to both an updated Resource Hub as well as the Canada Pavilion for the 25th International AIDS Conference. Check out both sections of the website for more information and some exciting new resources, webinars, and networking opportunities. 


The Canada Pavilion at AIDS 2024 is being managed by the Canadian Association for HIV Research, with the support of organizations and people with lived experience from across the country. 

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